Vila Robida revives the history of Črni Kal

In the distant year 1895, House Robida was the largest building in Ćetnara (Katinara), as the locals call the lower Črni Kal, with globally renowned climbing areas. It was a crucial point on the route from the Coast to the interior of the country. Even then, the house comprised a village inn, a grocery store, accommodations, and a post office. After the war, the inn became famous for its excellent sausages and prosciutto, as well as the delicious home-cooked cuisine offered to guests by our grandparents Olga and Slavko Žerjul.

For many years, the majority of the house remained empty and abandoned until Slavko's grandson Žiga tossed around some ideas, and his sister Tina, an architect, transferred the chosen concept to paper. The unanimous thinking of the Vatovec family and Grandma Olga soon bore fruit.

In July 2018, we completely renovated the Istrian stone house, giving rise to Vila Robida, where we offer guests a higher level of service quality.

Why "Robida"?

The name "Robida" is derived as a variation of the words "Kraški rob," where blackberry bushes thrive and delight us with tasty fruits.

Each blackberry at Robida forms an invaluable part of Vila Robida, providing visitors with an exceptional experience in a pleasant atmosphere. Just as each blackberry is an indispensable part of the whole, we hope that every guest becomes an important part of our story, one that we are writing together with flavors and experiences.

Istrian Countryside. Karst Edge. Forest.

We designed the rooms with the Istrian countryside in mind, recalling memories of grandmothers, the mighty walls of the Karst Edge, and the forest above it, making each one unique and distinctive.

On the 1st floor, there are five comfortably furnished rooms with private bathrooms. On the 2nd floor of the villa, you'll discover three rooms with private bathrooms, renovated in 2024. Each space carries a touch of history and modern design, created for the perfect comfort of guests. Our villa is a true sanctuary where tradition meets modern comfort, creating an unforgettable escape into the magical environment of Slovenian Istria.

Right by the pool, three Deluxe apartments unfold, named after our grandparents. Nona, Nono, and Nana.

The villa captures attention with a modern (heated) pool and a private VIP SAUNA & SPA corner. The private space with a Finnish and Turkish sauna and a jacuzzi is intended for both Robida guests and external visitors, ensuring complete intimacy.